Tuesday :: Feb 24, 2004

Consumer Confidence Plummets - Time For Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage

by Steve

Here’s a couple of good examples today of how the GOP has no choice but to run away from its record, after being in total control of the government for the last year and a half, and owning the White House for nearly four years.

Today, the Conference Board reported that consumer confidence plummeted in February, based on growing job fears, leading to a steep fall in the dollar. How does Bush respond? Well, it must be time for a constitutional ban on gay marriage, right? That will sure deal with the important issues facing consumers right now, won’t it?

Just months after the GOP and White House removed drug cost control measures out of the Medicare drug bill, pleasing their Big PharMa masters, an AP/Ipsos poll out yesterday shows that nearly a third of families struggle to pay for their drugs, and are forced to cut back on dosages as a result. So how does the GOP respond to our health care problems today, aside from handing billions to their pet industry in the Medicare bill? They think as usual the problem is with lawsuits.

But at least the GOP will fix our energy problems, right? Well, no, even though Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says he'll get a slimmed down energy bill out of his house soon that will be without the MTBE liability exemption for the GOP's corporate paymasters, the House GOP will not go along with the bill because there isn't enough pork in the bill, and it doesn't have the get-out-of-jail free card for the MTBE polluters that Tom DeLay wants.

Isn't one-party control efficient?

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