Wednesday :: Feb 25, 2004

Dana Milbank - A Credit To The Washington Post

by Steve

"He volunteered to go to Vietnam."
-- Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot, Monday, on National Public Radio

"No, I didn't."
-- President Bush, Feb. 8, responding to a question on NBC's "Meet the Press" about whether he volunteered to go to Vietnam

Thank God there are still some journalists left at the Washington Post. Itís just that their editors sometimes like to bury their Bush-critical work in the back pages. Yesterday, Dana Milbank ran a piece that pointed out the Bush habit of dumping bad news or controversial decisions late on Friday, a practice that didnít begin with Bush, but has been so overused by this White House that the media expects it. In this same piece, Milbank has a little fun with how the White House attempts to package the president by saying all the things he isnít, and ended with this nice contradiction above.

Send Milbank a note of thanks for his dogged determination to fight off the intimidation of the White House and his own editorsí efforts to bury his work. You can reach Milbank at

While we're at it, and in the interest of being fair, it was good to see that even Jonathan Weisman of the Post, who I trashed last week for being a stenographer for the White House while masquerading as a Post reporter, actually ran a story himself earlier this week pointing out that some of Bush's own tax cut claims are undercut by the IRS. I guess Weisman deserves a pat on the back too, and you can reach him at

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