Wednesday :: Feb 25, 2004

Robert J. Samuelson - An Utter Disgrace To The Washington Post

by paradox

Before we get all warm and fuzzy about real journalists at The Washington Post like Dana Milbank—or whores like Jonathan Weisman who sometimes act like real journalists—it’s important to remember that paper is still firmly captured, ensnared by corporate greed and a nauseating self-righteousness.

Robert J. Samuelson fits that profile perfectly today in his incredibly dishonest and condescending piece The Phony Job Debate. “Electing a president based on job creation makes as much sense as selecting a doctor based on palm reading.”

“Facing a weak economy, a government can do three things: cut interest rates; run a budget deficit; and allow -- or cause -- its currency to depreciate.”

Samuelson must think his readers are total morons who never heard of Keynes. Samuelson is totally, rankly lying, for he knows full well there’s another option—stimulative spending. He barely skips around the truth by calling this “run[ning] a deficit.”

“All these weapons have been deployed.”

Deficit spending has not been deployed. A huge deficit has been “deployed” by giving the rich tax cuts, implementing a huge hike in defense spending, letting Congressional Republicans gorge on pork, and letting corporate taxation further erode.

Real deficit spending would have given tax cuts to the poor, who would have immediately spent it instead of saving it like the rich do. Real deficit spending would have flowed cash to immediate, massive public works projects that had a primary goal of employing workers, with a secondary benefit of improving the country’s infrastructure (roads, schools, forest maintenance, etc).

Bush gambled that his save-the-rich-from-pain strategy would work to produce jobs. It failed miserably, yet Samuelson is willing to rankly lie to defend Bush. “In war, truth is often said to be the first casualty. It's the same in campaigns.”

It’s the same at the Washington Post.

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