Thursday :: Feb 26, 2004

Why is the Media Ignoring the 9/11 Commission Story?

by paradox

Yesterday Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert told the White House to take off—the House will not extend the deadline of the 9/11 Commission by 60 days.

The Commission has pleaded for more time and money to complete its work. The White House agreed, but not Dennis Hastert. As far as he’s concerned the most important day of this century isn’t worth a thorough, complete investigation—even when the President wants an extension.

Not one of the following media outlets has this story on their home web pages: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, or the San Francisco Chronicle. Why?

It’s as if these media outlets are determined to have ignorance, obfuscation, evasion and lies be the acceptable outcome to knowing what happened that day. Words like outrageous and scandalous seem ridiculously puny and inadequate to describe the indifference of these media outlets have to easily one of the top five stories of the century.

It’s baffling, depressing and enraging. The editors and publishers of our national print media are an utter disgrace, completely lacking any integrity or professionalism. The truth is critically important to the health of the country, but these utter fools just seem to think the country can do without it, assuming they ever knew it in the first place.

It’s fairly clear to me the United States will not exist in 100 years—if it does, it will be unrecognizable to today’s form. No country can ever survive with such willfull ignorance and lying about its most vital stories and knowledge. No way.

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