Thursday :: Feb 26, 2004

Senate GOP Refuses To Extend Unemployment Benefits

by Steve

As a follow-up to my earlier post on the 760,000 jobless workers who have exhausted their unemployment benefits over the last two months without being able to find a job, Senate Democrats tried today to push through an extension of benefits by attaching an amendment to a gun liability bill. The move just failed by two votes, 58-39, with all Democrats except Zell Miller voting for the UI extension amendment.

Twelve GOP Senators broke with their party leadership to support the extension, including the following GOP Senators:

Christopher Bond of Missouri (up for reelection in 2004)
Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island
Susan Collins of Maine
Mike DeWine of Ohio
Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina
John McCain of Arizona (up for reelection)
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (up for reelection)
Gordon Smith of Oregon
Olympia Snowe of Maine
Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania (up for reelection)
James Talent of Missouri
George Voinovich of Ohio (up for reelection)

And check out the compassion and Darwinism of the GOP majority in a remark that writes itself as a DSCC attack ad this fall. I hope they got video of this today:

"I think we have to determine when's enough," said Sen. Don Nickles, R-Okla. "And I happen to think that we've crossed that line." Nickles said jobless workers have more incentive to find a job when the extra unemployment benefits stop. "The more you pay people not to work, the less inclined they are to work," he said.

Of course Nickles is not running for reelection this year.

Thanks Don for that soundbite. Jon Corzine and the DSCC wanted to pat you on the back for making their jobs easier this fall as they bludgeon Jim Bunning, Judd Gregg, Sam Brownback, Richard Shelby, and Ben Nighthorse Campbell for their votes today.

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