Thursday :: Feb 26, 2004

White House Theft Of Medicare Issue Fails

by Steve

Remember all the work that Karl Rove put into taking the Medicare drug issue off the table for this election cycle? He courted the AARP into soiling itself and supporting the GOP bill, only to see the AARP membership rebel against its leaders and then see its leaders back away from the Administration on Social Security privatization. He worked with Bill Frist to dictate the terms of Democratic participation in the development of the bill, to the point that only two handpicked Senators could participate, thereby enraging the Democrats into walking away from any responsibility for the bill and swearing no more such “bipartisan” negotiations. He oversaw the White House’s efforts to hide the true cost of the GOP’s bill from even its own caucus, undercutting what credibility the White House had left in dealing with many congressional members of his own party. And he worked with HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson on a taxpayer-financed “educational” campaign to explain the bill, which was revealed to be little more than campaign propaganda.

Well Rove has failed on all counts. According to an Ipsos/Public Affairs poll from last week, 78% of those polled say that prescription drug benefits for seniors is either very important or somewhat important to them in deciding how to vote this November. Worse yet, two of the issues most important to those polled, letting the government negotiate for lower drug prices and importing drugs from Canada, were the exact two items that Rove and the White House stripped out of the bill to pay back its Big PharMa bankrollers. But then, the industry had already bought Bush and the GOP by then.

And a Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds that few seniors really understand the bill, but the more they know, the less they support it.

And the clincher? After all of Rove’s efforts to steal the issue from the Democrats this year, he has failed. By a 52% to 33% margin, those polled feel the Democrats are more likely to make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors than Republicans are.

Good luck with the seniors and boomers this fall Karl, you slug.

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