Monday :: Mar 1, 2004

Blair's Iraq Problems Continue

by Steve

Keep an eye on these stories this week as to how difficult things may get for Tony Blair. Having beaten back the Hutton inquiry findings for now, Blair's next great challenges come in two areas. First, Blair is under pressure from both his party and John Major to reveal the legal opinion he received prior to the war as to whether or not the Iraq invasion was legal under international law without a second UN resolution. Major, who thinks that Blair got such an opinion from attorney general Lord Goldsmith, wants Blair to release the opinion and be done with it, in something that resembles a set-up. However, Lord Goldsmith is said to be hesitant to release his opinion publicly, amidst suspicions from both Labour and the Torries that the attorney general never issued such an opinion, or worse yet, had in fact concluded that an invasion would not have been legal without the second UN resolution that Bush promised Blair he would get, but never did.

The second problem this week for Blair stems from his ongoing efforts to nab a share of the Iraq contract booty for his business community as payback for being George W. Bush's bitch. Up until now, British firms have been virtually shut out from getting in on the action, and have lost out to Halliburton and Bechtel. Blair has personally lobbied the Pentagon and the White House to remind the Bush Administration that allies are supposed to share the spoils of war. This week, Blair will find out if he gets his crumbs, or gets a finger in the eye from Bush and Rummy.

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