Monday :: Mar 1, 2004

Letter to Feinstein

by Duckman GR

Below is the letter I sent tonight to Senator Feinstein. I'd seen her commercial this evening (with the obligatory bird response) hacking, er, hawking, for Gov Groper's bond boondoggle to solve CA's budget crisis by piling on more debt, and then later I saw in my e-mail a non-response form letter "responding" to something else I'd written her who knows when about something, probably some spinal infusion related issue if I recollect rightly. I've been sending her stuff like that on a monthly basis, just to vent really, but hey, I like my letters, maybe somebody in her office might? A boy can dream, right? So I figured I was being called to write her again. The result is as follows:

Dear Senator Feinstein,

George W Bush is an evil man. Oops, sorry, that's another letter. This is about your support of Props 57 and 58. The Democrats support of these propositions appalls me. And your commercials bleating for it dismay me and my girlfriend to the point where you can depend on NOT getting our votes for anything you plan on running for ever again. And we both vote Democrat.

But it doesn't have to be this way. This bond proposal, and the Democrats failure to oppose it, is bad business. For the state and the party. It's bad politics, short sighted and, frankly, cowardly.

It's a strategy that displays no confidence in the Democrat controlled legislature's ability or willingness to take actions to solve the state’s problems, or frame the debate to our advantage, or to expose the Republicans for the treacherous, obstructionist, greedy, un-American, selfish, well, you get my drift, elitists, that they truly are. This failure makes it far more likely that we will be saddled with this fraud of a governor for longer than the current infamously obtained term, and it provides the miserable failure in the White House greater opportunities for fund raising, voting, and propaganda gains.

By ceding this particular election issue to Schwarzenegger you give the GOP a victory, and the Democrats nothing. We lose credibility, initiative, moral authority, integrity, and respect. Oh how Karl Rove is laughing at us now. How could he not? We've handed him a victory without his spending any time or money, regardless of the outcome.

Because, mark my words, Senator, this bond issue, if it passes, will not solve our problems. Instead, you've handed the ball to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now the Democrats in California will have to defend the indefensible, just as the Democrats in Congress are trying to defend their votes for John Ashcroft and the Patriot Act and the War in Iraq and NAFTA and No Child Left Behind and the Tax Cuts and the Medicare Drug Plan. All the things the GOP is ruining Democracy and this country with.

Do you lack the power of your convictions with which to fight for what you know is right? That's the message you send by backing this bond bailout. And that, in the end, is why I can't see myself continuing to support you.

Too many votes for Bush policies, hoping they'll go away in time for the next election. Well, Senator, time has run out on that notion. George W Bush, to return to my original statement, IS an evil man, willfully or no, and we need every weapon at our disposal to defeat him and his minions, his lackeys, his sycophants, and his masters. That is why we can't afford to support this plan of Arnold Schwarzenegger/Donna Arduin/Jeb Bush/Karl Rove's.

Giving Schwarzenegger's team control and initiative is a sure way to defeat. You're giving them too much control of the state machinery, too many chances to push their agenda, too many opportunities to publicize their lies and propaganda. If the bond works, which I doubt, they claim victory. If it fails, they drag you down with them, with the added smear that you were doubly at fault for not pursuing your own solutions, were not willing to push for the hard and supposedly unpopular choices that would actually address the problems, that you weren't willing to follow your own beliefs and convictions, and for what? Political expediency.

Just the thing we charge Bush with doing, so we will do by supporting Schwarzenegger's "solutions."

Politics, and No Policy. The Horserace, and No Solutions. All Hat, and No Cattle.

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