Monday :: Mar 1, 2004

Without Real Accomplishments, GOP Plots Focus On Wedge Issue Votes

by Steve

Having no issues of substance to run on this fall, with a cupboard bereft of success here at home or overseas, House and Senate GOP leaders are left to scheduling votes that they hope will damage Democrats on guns, gays, abortion, and the flag. According to tomorrow's Post, the GOP leadership plans to schedule votes on values issues in the coming weeks to cause problems for both Kerry and Edwards on things such as ending the assault weapons ban, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, abortion, consider new tax cuts, and the ever-meaningless constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning. We already know from the preceding post below that there is some support within the GOP for rolling back the tax cuts, so any attempt by the Tom DeLays and Denny Hasterts of the world to push new tax cuts will only cause the caucus to splinter, as well as make the voters even angrier at the GOP. And arguing with a straight face that the assault weapons ban should expire may be a winner for the GOP in their base districts but will do them no good in swing districts this fall, so go for it.

Actually, the Democrats should welcome this. It will make it easier for the DSCC and DCCC to point out in their commercials in key districts this fall how much time the GOP spent on meaningless divisive votes like these when they apparently couldn't even find the time to extend unemployment insurance benefits, investigate 9/11, pass health insurance coverage for the uninsured, deal with the loss of manufacturing jobs, fix Medicare, provide adequate money to fund Leave No Child Behind, fund veterans' health and retirement benefits, and a host of other things that affect people every day. Kerry should start preemptively saying that every day the GOP spends on these meaningless and divisive base-pandering wedge issues is one more day not spent on solving the real problems facing this country, and issue a call for more Democrats to be elected. The DNC should begin targeting key GOP Representatives with the line "What Issues Are You Dodging Today, Senator (or Representative) xxxx ?"

Bring it on.

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