Tuesday :: Mar 2, 2004

Let's Beat Up on Dick Cheney

by paradox

Why not? The man is a bumbling, flip-flopping doofus.

Straight off the AP White House wire (1400 PST) we get this gem:

"If the Democratic policies had been pursued over the last two or three years, the kind of tax increases that both Kerry and Edwards have talked about, we would not have had the kind of job growth that we've had," Cheney said.

In the first place, Kerry and Edwards were not advocating increases, they were advocating rolling back cuts. Tax rates would have stayed the same. Poor Dick must be on too many heart medications.

The whopper, of course, is the job creation bit. Mr. NOT SINCE HOOVER Bush has presided over a 2.6 million job loss in his term, not any kind of growth.

The flipper-flopper in Joe Lieberman's house (is that creepy or what? It's still true) had this to say about gay marriage: "The president's taken the clear position that he supports a constitutional amendment," Cheney said. "I support him."

In 2000 flip-flopper Dick supported leaving it to the states. Somebody get this guy some new medication or something, he's an incoherent mess.

[Thanks to TAPPED for the heads-up]

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