Wednesday :: Mar 3, 2004

Pew Center Poll Shows Opportunities, Larger Base For Kerry

by Steve

The latest Pew Center Poll out today shows that amongst registered voters definitely committed to a candidate, John Kerry has a 38%-33% edge over Bush. Of the remaining 29% of swing voters, 13% favor Bush and 10% favor Kerry, with the remaining 6% as “pure” undecideds. For swing voters, a majority of whom are women, they tend according to the poll to agree with Kerry on domestic issues and Bush on Iraq and the fight against terrorism.

The views of these swing voters on the economy are important:

Just 20% of swing voters rate the nation's economy as excellent or good, while 79% rate it as only fair or poor. They share this view with Kerry supporters, 88% of whom rate the economy in relatively negative terms. Most Bush supporters (66%) say the economy is doing well.

And fully two-thirds of swing voters (68%) say President Bush could be doing more to improve economic conditions, while 26% say he is doing all he can.

With today’s report that consumer confidence is falling back to its levels of last fall, there is little reason on the horizon for swing voters to come around to support Bush on the issue. And if the Kerry campaign and the 527’s can raise the issue of trust against Bush over the 9/11 Commission, perhaps Bush’s advantage with swing voters over terrorism can be whittled away as well.

(Thanks to and the Pew Center site for the graphics)

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