Friday :: Mar 5, 2004

And Here's One For Mother's Medicare Drug Benefit!

by pessimist

Want to take a "poke" at George Warmonger Bush before November? Then take a peek at this poll, which asks if Dumbya should be dumped. The choices are yes, no, and "Republicans who want to oust him", so that should cover just about everyone.

QUESTION: If the [Bush] "record" isn't enough to make everyone in the country vote YES, then people are simply refusing to think. Why?
- Lisa Savaadra

You can see the results here. When I placed my vote, the results were 47 percent who say yes, and 46 percent who say no, with Republicans who want to oust him at 7 percent, so we're actually in the lead.

Take that, Karl!

Thanks to Lisa Savaadra for the links.


As of 1340 PST, 3/6/4, the totals are 59% Y, 32% N, and 9% Republicans who want to dump Bush (847 total votes).

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