Saturday :: Mar 6, 2004

Digging a hole

by Duckman GR

The CA Democrats have a problem on their hands, through, to put it mildly, their reticence to challenge the Gropernator and his PR savvy. A couple of newspaper articles illustrate part of the problem.

From Thursday's San Diego Union Tribune:

Wins point to governor's political skill

But partisan battles ahead may prove tougher test

By Bill Ainsworth STAFF WRITER

March 4, 2004

SACRAMENTO - Some politicians have a knack for schmoozing behind closed doors. Others know how to play to big audiences through the media, and still others can deftly dangle a carrot with one hand while waving a stick with the other. But it's a rare politician who is adept at every level of the game.

Yeah, but can he chew gum, walk, and pat a passing girl on the rump at the same time? Oh, sorry, to continue...

Tuesday's election suggests that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those anomalies.

The Republican governor used his full range of political skills to score unprecedented wins on two fiscal measures that were initially unpopular.


"He's probably the most powerful sitting governor California has seen in decades," Republican analyst Allan Hoffenblum said. (ed-my bold)

And then there's this, also from the Thursday UT:

Wall Street warily views new bonds

38 cities will challenge Prop. 57 repayment plan


March 4, 2004

SACRAMENTO - While Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared that voter approval of his fiscal ballot propositions means "California is back on track," Wall Street analysts yesterday said it's a mixed blessing that MAY ALLOW LAWMAKERS TO GO BACK TO THEIR BAD HABITS. (ed-my CAPS and bold)

Standard & Poor's .... said the $15 billion bond measure passed Tuesday provides enough additional money to allow lawmakers to postpone painful decisions about spending cuts and tax increases needed to bring the state budget back into balance.

Okay, so here's the problem. Even though the Howard Dean phenomenon got a huge boost at the Jan, 2003, CA Dem convention, you know, the "Dude, I want my Country Back" line; that was, alas, last year. Since then we've seen the Recall, the Groping Governor, Florida politicos dumped on California, Diebold Snafus, Fires, a couple of days of rain here in SoCal (that's almost like floods in this neck of the woods), The Strike, rising gas prices (highest in the nation here in San Diego), oh my, I didn't realize we've been so busy out here. And yet, the State Party seems not to realize that they are, infact, coronating the Gropernator, just like Congress did to Bush after 9/11. We've abdicated our responsibilities to the Governor, and we've let them set the Democratic controlled Legislature up as the fall guy for when things go wrong, as suggested by the above snippet.

The Democrats aren't giving themselves opportunities to succeed, and they're giving the goppers plenty of chances to capitalize on things. Sure, Kerry should win CA in November, but, how much money is Arnold going to funnel away from Kerry into the sunken treasuries of the CRETIN (Campaign to ReElect the Incompetent Nebbish) in the process?

The Democrats are walking heedlessly into a trap, and itís a trap with national implications. The Dems are forgetting what the Bushies are all about. Of course they can have the Groper not taking action against Gay Marriages. This is why Rover has Bush kowtowing to the ďbaseĒ all the time. They donít really care about the social issues, education, morality, religion, etc, because they are far more interested in, guess it, címon, you know what it isÖÖthatís right, Money and Power.

So long as Arnold can get them that, they arenít really interested in paying anything more than lip service to their moral outrage. And by having the California Democratic Party witlessly play right along with that dichotomy, the Dems are playing the Bushies game. And thatís what pisses me off to no end.

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