Saturday :: Mar 6, 2004

Ted Kennedy Makes the Case Against Bush's Needless War

by Mary

On Friday, Senator Ted Kennedy gave a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations in Boston. [Note: This is a Salon subscription article: anyone can read this speech even if you don't have a subscription by first viewing the ad. This will give you a day pass to all the content in Salon.] In this speech, he carefully laid out the evidence of how the Bush administration twisted and manipulated the evidence so they could start their war and exercise their new doctrine of pre-eminent force being the God-given right of the US. Much of what Kennedy says was already known to many who were watching and protesting the rush to war before the first bombs started dropping March last year, but he has done a very good job of pulling together all the strands, including the latest revelations like how Chalibi and his cohorts are starting to brag how they fooled the neocons with their evidence justifying the war. (The neocons wanted war so badly, they were willing to do anything and believe anything fed to them whether or not it was remotely reasonable or not.)

Kennedy ends his indictment with the following:

This debate will go on anyway in Congress and in communities across the country. The most important decision any president makes is the decision on war or peace. No president who misleads the country on the need for war deserves to be reelected. A president who does so must be held accountable. The last thing our nation needs is a sign on the desk in the Oval Office in the White House that says, "The buck doesn't stop here anymore."

One thing I'd like to hear is what exactly were the lies told to the Congress and Senate to make them vote for the Iraqi resolution in Oct. 2002. Remember they were privy to "top secret" evidence that was never presented to the public which influenced their votes. I know these arguments must have been pretty powerful because even Rep. Henry Waxman was convinced that he was justified in supporting the Bush administration with his vote. It was clear that Waxman was extremely angry in finding out his trust was betrayed which led to his writing a letter to the President two days before the first bombs dropped. I'm very glad that Kerry Kennedy is seeing and revealing the web of lies, yet I still wish our representatives would have listened more to Senator Byrd before they ceded control to the lying bastards in the White House. Afterall, they had no qualms about lying about other things, why would they be more trustworthy in regards to Iraq?

Update: I mistakenly read Kerry for Kennedy. This speech was by Ted Kennedy, not John Kerry. I've corrected the post.

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