Saturday :: Mar 6, 2004

It's War - The Top 1% vs The Rest Of Us

by pessimist

One of the defining characteristics of the Bush (mis)Administration to those who choose to see is that they are absolutely relentless in their continuing grab for absolute power. Their scorched-earth policies are designed to weaken the resolve of those who would otherwise oppose them by generating fear that more will be lost.

In The American Civil War and the Wars of the Industrial Revolution, author Brian Holden Reid states in his afterward:

... victory went to the side with the largest population, the most durable financial system and the greatest industrial capacity.

If one were to take the Bush war chest, backed by millions in private soft money as the durable financial system, and the American media as the great industrial capacity, then the remaining goal is to capture the larger number of voters to create the large population. Thanks to television, too many people have lost their critical thinking abilities and blindly support the Republican Party, allowing the right wing to escape righteous retribution for their numerous evil deeds.

The Democrats are at a serious disadvantage in that they have less capital to work with and less access to the media. In fact, as is shown here, and the attempts by liberal groups to place ads during the Super Bowl being rebuffed by the CBS network, the right wing holds a de facto monopoly on the media.

The ruthlessness of the right in consolidating their political gains is reminiscent of the advice given to Prussian Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke during the Siege of Paris by American General Philip Sheridan, a man long remembered in the Shenandoah Valley for his own particular brand of total war:

... leave them with nothing but their eyes to weep with ... reduction to poverty brings prayers for peace more surely and more quickly than does the destruction of human life ...

Such is the motivation of the GOP in their approach toward gaining absolute power. They take away every option they can that their opponents might otherwise use, knowing that they already control enough of the masses to block an easy counter attack over fairness. In fact, once fairness was viewed by broadcasters by 1987 as an unfair and unnecessary expense, the government stopped enforcing the provisions of the Fairness Doctrine. (For a good brief of the situation, see this brief doctoral dissertation abstract.

Luckily, there are signs that the impenetrable wall of the right wing fortress, a Festung Amerika if you will, is starting to crack. John Edwards' Two Americas meme seems to be resonating with the public, and John Kerry seems to have roused from his somnulence (hopefully not to slip back into it) and is on the attack. Support on his left flank is being provided by Ted Kennedy, a roaring cannon too long silent, and on his right flank there is room for many to support him - Byrd, Edwards, Graham, etc. Numerous Republican voters are willing to go against their party and will support Anybody But Bush Again.

But the one thing that has to be kept in mind is that this is total political war. As already amply demonstrated, no holds will be barred by the right, so none should be barred by the left. This is gutter political warfare of the worst kind, a remorseless war, with no quarter asked or given. Any weapon that can be brought to bear will be.

The Democrats have to be willing and able to fight such a war, for if they do not, we might find ourselves plunged into a second American Civil War, one of a partizan guerilla nature, the people against their government. Should such a new civil war occur, it is a safe bet to suggest that the American Experiment will have ended, and the forces of darkness will have won. We won't have a Bilbo Baggins around to destroy the source of that power and rescue us - such things only happen in adventure fantasies. This is reality.

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