Sunday :: Mar 7, 2004

Kerry Accuses Bush Of Stonewalling on 9/11; Leads Bush In Florida Poll

by Steve

Don’t buy for a moment the conventional media spin that the Democrats have no chance breaking Bush’s alleged solid electoral block in the South. Two polls released in the last two days show that not only is Kerry competitive in Florida against Bush, but he actually leads Bush in Florida in one of the polls. And this is without Bob Graham being his possible running mate. In fact, the second poll by the Miami Herald and the St. Petersburg Times shows that Kerry is so strong in Florida right now due to concerns over Bush’s handling of Iraq and the economy, that adding either Florida senator does Kerry no good.

It should be noted that already Ralph Nader grabs 3 percent of the vote in this poll, done by a firm that handles both Democratic and GOP polls.

Meanwhile, Kerry attacked Bush today for stonewalling the 9/11 inquiry and the Iraq WMD inquiry, and did it interestingly enough from the South, where Kerry is still campaigning and gauging support. Kerry's attack came in a quickly-arranged press conference which apparently caught the White House off-guard, as they were unable to provide the AP with a response to Kerry’s charges.

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