Sunday :: Mar 7, 2004

McCain Pressures White House Again Over Intelligence Commission Subpoena Power

by Steve

In an appearance today on ABC's "This Week", John McCain came very close to saying he would quit the Iraq Intelligence Commission unless it was granted subpoena power. He also reaffirmed that the commission needs to be able to look at how the Administration used the intelligence, not just be focused on the intelligence itself.

Asked on ABC's "This Week" if he would continue to serve on the commission if it did not get subpoena power, McCain, a maverick, said, "I'd hate to throw down a gauntlet like that."

"I am hopeful and somewhat optimistic that this could be worked out," McCain said.

That is code for "you'd better get us the subpoena power or you can count me out as your political cover on this one Skippy."

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