Sunday :: Mar 7, 2004

Bob Novak Says GOP In A "Malaise" From Poor Communication And Leadership

by Steve

Think what you will of Bob Novak as a political columnist and prognosticator, but his contacts with the GOP on Capitol Hill and at the White House are pretty good, as evidenced by the Valerie Plame leak. For a guy who by now has probably been leaned on by the special prosecutor to reveal who at the White House leaked him her identity, he seems pretty willing as of last Thursday to blast the Bushies and the GOP leadership for a "malaise" within the party due to a lack of communication and leadership. He even goes so far as to indicate that there are Republicans out there who would rather see Kerry win so that the GOP can keep the House and Senate leadership, rather than see Bush win and certainly see the Democrats retake one if not both houses in 2006.

I have thought for a while that a Bush win this year will actually be the death knell for the GOP the rest of this decade. Bush, if he wins, will certainly suffer the second-term curse that afflicts all modern two-termers, probably more so given the corruption, lies, and inept management of several crises by this administration. And it is true that the political leadership out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been tone deaf of late, and just as MIA as Bush was in Alabama in 1972. But if Novak is saying it, then there are GOP higher-ups saying it to him.

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