Monday :: Mar 8, 2004

Bush Stumbles Out of the Gate

by paradox

Regular readers at The Left Coaster know the Bush re-election effort has been lame and ineffectual so far this year, but now the mainstream press is starting to notice.

Dick Meyer of CBS News chronicles all the major gaffes with Have Rove and Bush lost their Mojo? It succinctly outlines the controversy over Bush's 9/11 ads, Bush's National Guard service imbroglio, Dick Cheney’s stupid remarks on Iraq’s wmd and alleged Al-Queda ties, an unhappy base, and Bush’s disastrous budget.

Bush, of course, still doesn’t have a happy story to tell the American people—about anything. Medicare has tuned out to be a bust, the President will never, ever mention employment, and Mars has been forgotten.

The only thing Bush can do now is attack, but every time he does it’s fraught with dangers. Case in point in Bush’s attack today: Bush Blasts Kerry Over Intelligence Bill.

The hit doesn’t work very well when Kerry’s counter-attack is factored in, but the real point here is that attacking Kerry over intelligence has a trap: it leads voters minds to that other little matter of intelligence on Bush’s watch—whatever happened to Iraq’s wmd, Mr. President?

Bush attacks over intelligence when his own use of intelligence has been an utter fiasco. Not much mojo there, no.

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