Wednesday :: Mar 10, 2004

White House Press Corps Bludgeons McClellan Over Bush 9/11 Testimony

by Steve

After saying that he would only allot one hour for his appearance with the 9/11 Commission, and seeing John Kerry make a campaign issue out of it, Bush saw Scott McClellan get the pinata treatment (scroll down) yesterday at the daily press briefing. As a result, the media is inferring from McClellan's comments that Bush will answer all of the questions the Commission has, without a time limit. It probably didn't help that both Clinton and Gore said the Commission could have as much of their time as they needed.

We'll see if Bush follows through on this or not, but the key element is that his willingness, or lack thereof, to be accountable to various inquiries is now a legitimate campaign issue. And the White House press pool is returning to its sharkpack ways.

Thanks to Josh Marshall for the transcript and account.

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