Wednesday :: Mar 10, 2004

Bush Uses Lincoln Bedroom As Perk Like Clinton

by Steve

"I believe they've moved that sign, 'The Buck Stops Here,' from the Oval Office desk to the Lincoln Bedroom, and that's not right."
--George W. Bush, first presidential debate, October 3, 2000

President Bush opened the White House and Camp David to dozens of overnight guests last year, including foreign dignitaries, family friends and at least nine of his biggest campaign fund-raisers, documents show.
--Associated Press, March 10, 2004

"We were super-cautious in the aftermath of Watergate. We didn't need an accusation we weren't playing by the rules."
--Dick Cheney, contrasting Clinton fundraising practices with Ford's, October 3, 1997

"The whole series of revelations about the way this administration has managed the subject of campaign financing paints a picture that is totally different than the picture I knew as part of the Ford administration. It is totally foreign and I don't mean to use the pun."
--Donald Rumsfeld, October 3, 1997

I wonder if the Washington Post will run Bush's Lincoln Bedroom usage on Page One like they did when Clinton was in office.

Yeah, right.

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