Wednesday :: Mar 10, 2004

Kerry To Bring Aboard McCain's 2000 Advisor

by Steve

John McCain was on Good Morning America today, and underwent questions from Charlie Gibson on his relationship with John Kerry, and whether or not he would ever accept a Vice-Presidential slot with Kerry, should one be offered. McCain tried his best to say that he would entertain it, but it would never be offered.

Remember how many times over the last couple of weeks I have advised Kerry to implement a Second Tier offensively-minded campaign aimed at keeping Bush and Rove on the defensive through surrogates? I was arguing for a political killer to be brought aboard to run this part of the overall campaign, while Kerry ran above it all in the First Tier campaign taking the high road.

What is the one thing that would be even better than bringing aboard a political killer to deal with Rove?

Bringing aboard someone who knows how Rove thinks and has gone toe-to-toe with him and against him. In other words, someone like John Weaver, who was John McCain’s political director in 2000, and who has known Rove for two decades and what to expect from him.

Guess who is advising Kerry and may come aboard the campaign?

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