Wednesday :: Mar 10, 2004

Two-Thirds Of Jobs Created In Last Year Have Been Temp Help

by Steve

If you thought the job creation record of the Bush Administration was pathetic, wait until you see this.

Of 290,000 private-sector jobs created since April 2003, most - 215,000 - have been temporary positions, according to last week's employment figures. Private-sector employment would have fallen last month without the creation of 32,000 temporary jobs in the professional and business services sector.

About 4.3m Americans are also forced to accept part-time positions because they have failed to find full-time work - 1m higher than the January 2000 number.

Only 290,000 private sector the last year....and 215,000 of them have been temp help jobs! And private sector employment would have fallen last month if it had not been for more temp help and government jobs....over two years into an expansion.

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