Friday :: Mar 12, 2004

American Research Group Poll Shows Signs Of GOP Slippage For Bush

by Steve

Check out the latest national poll from American Research Group, taken though yesterday. Kerry holds a seven-point lead over Bush, 50%-43%, and with Nader included, Kerry maintains a six-point lead 48%-42%, with Nader claiming 2%.

Aside from the fact that regardless of whether Nader is in or out Bush can’t get above the low 40’s in support, there’s this:

Support for Bush has softened slightly among Republicans since February. A total of 17% of Republicans say they disapprove of the way Bush is handling his job as president and 18% of Republicans say they disapprove of the way Bush is handling the economy.

Also note that Kerry is now claiming 11% of the Republican vote, while Bush claims only 5% of the Democratic vote. And according to this ARG poll, Kerry leads Bush amongst Independents 51%-40%.

Bush’s overall approval ratings from the ARG poll don’t look much better. His approval/disapproval now stands at 45%/48% amongst all voters, but amongst those registered to vote, it is even worse at 43%/51%. His numbers on the economy are a staggering 35% approve, 59% disapprove. But with Independents, that number falls further to 26% approve, 68% disapprove. 44% of those polled thought we were still in a recession.

Sure, these numbers and the economy have plenty of time to improve for Bush. But can a guy be elected with a 59% disapproval on the economy? And does he have any chance in hell of pulling independents and swing voters when more than two-thirds of them think he sucks on the economy? And if his disapproval amongst Republicans crosses the 20% barrier and Kerry's support from GOP voters crosses the same line, can we dispense with the "all is well" line from the White House once and for all? If those things happen in the coming months, there is no way to spin that positively no matter how much money you put into smearing Kerry on imaginary claims.

Looks like its going to be “all terra’ , all the time” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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