Friday :: Mar 12, 2004

Why They Applauded Bush Yesterday On His "Clean Shoes America" Tour

by Steve

Remember when Bush visited USA Industries in Bay Shore on Long Island, New York while on his "Clean Shoes America" tour yesterday? According to news accounts, he had a nice reception and ovation from the crowd at the company, which we assume was handpicked like other Bush crowds during this presidency. We now know the reason they were so happy to listen to Bush and applaud.

They couldn’t understand a thing he said.

But when workers were finally interviewed - these people who made up the bulk of the president's cheering audience in New York - Bush's performance turned out to be even more impressive.

"No speak English," said the first worker, smiling apologetically.

"No speak English," said the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth workers waylaid in the crowd.

It is possible that President Bush could have drawn a crowd of several hundred at lunchtime on the streets of Bay Shore to cheer his economic policies, which can be summed up in two words: tax cuts.

But if that crowd is ready-made - the workforce of a small auto parts factory whose owner has received tax breaks from the Republican-run state and town governments, and who employs large numbers of non-English speaking immigrants happy to work for $6 to $9 an hour with few benefits - why bother?

"I understand him a little bit English," said Nubia Guzman, a packer who said she earns $7.50 an hour after four years on a job that Bush had described in his speech as evidence of the success of his tax cutting economic policies. She has no health coverage.

What did you like about him? she was asked.

"He nice," she said.

There you have it; a ringing endorsement from American voters about the benefits of George W. Bush’s presidency. A wonderful example of the GOP approach of looting state and local treasuries to give tax breaks to businesses so they can hire noncitizens. That sure is evidence of how the Bush tax plan has helped create jobs to help Americans. Oh, wait....

As Homer Simpson would say, “D’ oh!”

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