Sunday :: Mar 14, 2004

Chalabi Charts His Own Way In Iraq

by Steve

As President Bush rushes to transfer power in Iraq to the Governing Council so that he can claim victory by the time of the GOP Convention in early September, our troops keep dying from roadside bombs. Four more have died in the last twenty-four hours, raising the total to six over this weekend and nine in the last week. Such news barely makes the wires anymore, and is definitely not talked about by the White House. It is interesting that the Coalition Provisional Authority is doing everything it can to keep things on track for a June 30 transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi Governing Council, including the closure of borders with Iran to ostensibly stop the flow of foreign terrorists. Yet the IGC, led by of all people Ahmad Chalabi, makes it clear that what America wants to do for its short-term interests is not what the Iraqis themselves want once June 30 passes.

The U.S.-led occupation authority also announced that it will shut most border crossings with Iran. But an Iraqi spokesman said the policy ran counter to Iraq's interest and would be reversed after the country gains sovereignty on June 30.

"This is the problem: You have an occupying power that looks after its own interests," said Entifadh Qanbar, a spokesman for Iraqi Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi. "Sooner or later we will have our sovereignty and we will want to have long and friendly relations with Iran."

As Mary noted several days ago, we are still paying Chalabi a monthly retainer for his services and intelligence, which have so far turned out to be empty tips. But Chalabi gives every indication of a man who has his own long-range plan for his country and its relations with Iran, a relationship that will keep the White House up at night. Because while the PNAC crowd plans for a second-term invasion into Iran to topple that government, their boy Chalabi plans a strategic alliance with that same country, making any attempt by the US to take over that country an act that will not only invite harsher opposition from the Iranians than the Iraqis have given, but also opposition from our newly-installed government in Iraq, not to mention Russia and China.

In fact, it is safe to say that Ahmad Chalabi has conned the US into to the biggest heist in history. He has used the desire by the conservatives in this country and the Israelis to rid the world of Hussein, amped up in a post 9/11 world, to his advantage in getting control of his own country. Having used our military to do his work, at the cost of our soldiers' lives, he will now get control of his government, send us on our way, and forge an alliance with Iran in its current state, warts and all. Chalabi is too smart to ignore Iran and be hostile towards it, since he has to live next door to them and has long links with even their conservative clerics.

Nice planning guys.

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