Sunday :: Mar 14, 2004

Strong, Steady Leadership Slogan Brings In Win For Putin

by Mary

Russian President Valdimir Putin won in a landslide after running under the campaign slogan: Strong, Steady Leadership. What kind of preview is this for the US election later this year? The election was run much as Rove was planning to run the US election: overwhelming all opposition with massive advertisement buys, damaging the opposition so much that people believe there is no other valid choice and providing a message of stability and the necessity of keeping the same leader in times of stress. He managed to consolidate his hold over the government by getting a parliment totally dependent on him elected.

Mr Putin's rival candidates have complained during the campaign about their access to state media.

BBC correspondent Stephen Dalziel in Moscow says Russian state television has made President Putin a regular feature of its broadcasts - while in contrast his rival candidates have had little coverage.

Putin has a much stronger hold over the media than we see in the United States, yet when the Wurlitzer was going strong, we can see how effective having a single, unified message coming from all directions is in shaping public opinion. The Bush campaign on the other hand, is facing a much more consolidated opposition combined with the administration missteps that have started to peel back the teflon coating protecting the President from real scrutiny. Nevertheless, it is prudent to consider the lessons of the Putin campaign and what we need to do to resist these tactics in our own election.

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