Sunday :: Mar 14, 2004

The Post's Weisman Debunks GOP Dogma On Tax Hikes And Unemployment

by Steve

Some things never fail to amaze. Just about the time I was prepared to assign Washington Post economics writer Jonathan Weisman to the ashheap of Bush whoredom, he surprises. The other day he and Mike Allen wrote a piece that challenged Bush campaign assertions that Kerry wanted to raise taxes $900 billion. Now in tomorrow’s paper, Weisman again comes out with a piece that sticks a finger in the eye of conservative economic dogma. Weisman points out clearly that, contrary to GOP tax-cut dogma, there is no demonstrable correlation between tax hikes and unemployment. Moreover, Weisman points out that GOP assertions that Clinton’s 1993 tax increases on the rich did not lead to job losses, but to a prolonged period of job growth.

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