Monday :: Mar 15, 2004

The Pessimist Response

by pessimist

To All Of You Who Question My Comment on the Spanish Election:

I would have responded sooner, but someone here in America still has to work to pay for BushCo's oil war. Those who wish may right-click the link above to open on a new page to see what objections I face. Once you've scanned that page, go to the next page for my reply as you switch back and forth to follow the discussion.

Lindsay: John B said it all for me. Bush will get his.

Suilven: Show me a healthy democracy today and I'll show you a threat to the New World Multinational Corporate Order. Look what happened to Italy under Berlusconi, to Japan under Koizumi, to England under Blair; look at the assault that Canada is under via the USA Patriot Act, the impeachment of the Korean president, the insertion of US Special Forces into West Africa, the written and verbal abuse suffered by the French, German, and Russian peoples for opposing the First Pharisee's Crusade for Crude ...

I could continue, but I think I've made my point.

I don't wish such ill-results of a toppled Blair as you point to, for your Labour Party, like our Democrats, should have acted long before such ill-used power became so entrenched and engaged in so much mischief in the world. I lay the blame there. I blame those voters who did not voice their objections to their leaders. I blame those whose passivity dominates their lives and empowers the evil which stalks the world.

disgusted dem: I doubt that the terror bombing swayed the Spanish people into voting against Aznar, for they seemed bent on ousting Aznar over his support of the First Pharisee's Crusade for Crude despite their vociferous objections. The only effect the bombing might have had on them, were the Spanish people truly terrorized other than shocked and outraged (as they rightfully must be), would have been to support (as was likely hoped for by) the Popular Party. Young Turk provides any other arguments I could make.

We in America have experienced a worse attack on 9/11. Are we to reward George Warmonger Bush with a legitimate election just because Al Qaeda scored a big one on us three years ago? Are we such scared chickens that out of fear of another attack we must bestow even more power upon our own domestic oppressors?

See also GregWI's comments - saying what i could say.

Sebastian Holsclaw: No, I want to see no more terror bombings - anywhere. No country really deserves what happened to Spain, but then no country deserves what happened to Iraq at the hands of the United States, or to the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis, or the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, or the Chinese at the hands of Imperial Japan, etc. etc. Without such attrocities, few of which i cite here, there would likely not be so much terror on a world-wide scale. We continue to support, over logical reason, the very causes terrorists oppose - primarily because the top 1% - Dumbya's Chosen People - benefit economically. Until we all learn that lesson, the bombs will continue to explode somewhere for some cause.

May I point out to you that the IRA hasn't exploded many bombs since they were "invited" to participate in the in-danger-of-failing talks to restructure Northern Ireland's government? Have you British already forgotten the Harrod's bombing?

Except for the number of killed and injured, each of the attacker groups (IRA and Al Qaeda) felt that they had legitimate cause for their action (whether we agree or not). Should the Northern Ireland talks collapse, how long will it take the IRA to go back to their deadly work? Should the British people have to go back to those days, when bombings in Britain were far more common? And you think the only terrorist winners are Al Qaeda? PLEASE!

And back to you, disgusted dem, Aznar was going down even without the bombing. Just ask any Spaniard, especially those who marched against Spain's involvement in Iraq.

You mention bombings by activist American conservative groups. In fairness, we Americans have forgotten the Olympic bombing in Atlanta, we've forgotten Oklahoma City, we've forgotten Eric Rudolph and Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber. We Americans shouldn't have to go back to THOSE days anymore than any other country should have to back to their terror nightmares.

Few remember the actions of the Haganah and the Stern Gang, one member of which became Prime Minister of Israel. Recall the bombing of the King David Hotel? Few outside of Israel do!

But it isn't just individuals or groups which can terrorize - governments can as well. We've forgotten Richard Nixon in Cambodia and Laos. We've forgotten Pearl Harbor, the Rape of Nanking, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We've forgotten Rotterdam and Dresden and Guernica. We certainly have forgotten the Holocaust, and the Trail of Tears. We have forgotten American Slavery of African Blacks, and the terrorism of the conquistadors.

We have forgotten that when a grievance is ignored by an oppressor long enough, those agrieved will take the only course of action left to them - terrorism. Until we recognize that all peoples in all lands deserve justice, and if we deny those peoples that justice, we will all pay - dearly.

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