Monday :: Mar 15, 2004

Congress Funded Chalabi's Lies

by Mary

Ahmed Chalabi and his friends at the Iraqi National Congress (INC) have done very, very well selling garbage to our government. And the intelligence that the Pentagon bought so dearly was provided to the media of the US and other countries as well.

According to Knight Ridder, a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee from the INC contained a list of 108 stories based on the INC information which were planted in various papers around the world. KR also provides a link to that list of articles using the false information the INC provided.

That means the Office of Special Plans was receiving shabby information rather than what it thought it was getting: top secret intelligence tips from a reliable source. The INC planted the stories in the press to convey the impression that there were more than just a single source for the information. And because the information was being planted in the press, people who got it from the OSP (where it was considered top secret) could use the press' account for their speeches or reports.

Nevertheless, the intelligence provided was so questionable that the CIA and intelligence agents in the Defense Department and State Department hotly disputed the lies planted by the INC.

So, who in the Senate Appropriations Committee approved of the INC creating propaganda to sell the war on Iraq? Were they at all concerned when the spooks kept disputing their facts? And why was it considered okay to plant what was supposed to be top secret evidence in the press? It certainly was quite a lucrative rig the INC had going, huh?

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