Tuesday :: Mar 16, 2004

4 out of 5 Leaders prefer Kerry

by Duckman GR

I was reading this article from the AP trying to shame, I suppose, Sen. Kerry into giving up the names of the foreign leaders that prefer Kerry over Bush when Big Time Dick chimed in at the end.

"At the very least, we have a right to know what he is saying to them that makes them so supportive of his candidacy."

Funny Dick should say that. Rep Waxman has been asking the same thing of Dick for quite some time on those secret energy meetings early in the 1st and last term of W. Well, if itís good enough for Dick, itís good enough for me. Or, to put it another way, if Dick thinks (I know, I know, thatís a big . . . . . . if) that Senator Kerry should give up the names of the world leaders that prefer him over Bush, well, a) Dick should give up the names and subjects of those folks that he talked to during his secret energy scam meetings, and b) does he really want to know?

Cause that might turn out to be a little embarrassing, Dick. Of course we find out now, from the Boston Globe via Drudge that the whole thing is just a typo! So even when they get the chance for some good outrage it won't pan out! Ah the irony, the tragedy, the incompetence.

But returning to Dick. He said what he said, and I think that regardless of the accuracy of the reporters work, Cheney now thinks that this kind of information should be redily available. Unless he's the one with the secret info. Here's a pdf letter from Cheney's office responding to Congress' request for info on his deliberations with a group of outside interested parties. Let me sum it up for ya. "See response (4). (4) See response (2). (2) We had meetings. We talked about stuff. Lots of people were involved. I think we had turkee."

Here's a great chronology of Mr. Waxman's efforts to get that lying b...., son of a....., (undisclosed verbiage to protect the innocent) person to let us know what the energy group worked on, and with whom, whom to include our gropinator I might add. And the Christian Science Monitor had a good piece on Cheney's truth dodging efforts. And given some speculation I've seen about some of the subject matter, WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF OIL!!!, O'MYGOD, (shriek and hair rending to follow), this line makes complete sense:

"What's bizarre is not just that the executive branch has staked out a fairly extreme separation-of-powers point of view, but they seem to be looking for fights to pick about it," says Peter Shane, a professor of law and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa. "Unless they're covering something up, this is an odd thing to go to the mat over." (ed-my bold)

It's not just the lies, the killing, the hypocrisy, the shallow and callous disregard for anything decent and right in this country that bugs me so much. It's the utter contempt they show by slapping all of us in the face with it. Clinton screwed around, so effen what. At least he tried to keep it quiet, and considering the multi million dollar witch hunt that went on to get him on that, he did a pretty good job. BushCo doesn't even try.

Okay, the lying and killing and trashing of our good reputation, the squandering of our resources and people, the ruination of our credibility as a big stick carrier, the greed and unparalleled short sightedness of their policies gets me going in its own right. Their duplicity and loathsomeness, ah crap, they're ruining it for everyone with their miserable failures, and I can only wish them a miserable time burning in hell (if you believe in that sort of thing) when their time comes. And it will. Karma, people, karma big time.

Update 1:48pm: Today's"White House Briefing" has a great addendum to this, Who in the World Likes Bush?

Need I say more?

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