Wednesday :: Mar 17, 2004

What is it About those Rightwing Pundits?

by Mary

The rightwing pundits are in full cry against those who do not support the Great Leader who is waging the long twilight fight against terrorism. As during the last days leading up to Bush's siccing the dogs of war on Iraq, the message is "There is no neutral ground. You are either with us or you are for the terrorists." So when the Spanish people ousted Aznar, the pundits decried the perfidity of those people of Spain who must be appeasers of terrorism because they decided to stand against George W Bush.

Why is this not a surprise? These pundits can only see the world in black and white: you can not disagree with Bush without being a traitor (if you are American) or an appeaser (if you are Spanish) or a terrorist (if you are French or any other evil foreigner who deigns to stand against Bush). Bush and his supporters are on a holy war and will not stop until they have defeated all those that defy them.

The fact that the American pundits believe they can browbeat foreign countries and their citizens into marching to Bush's drum is quite amusing. The pundits have been lulled into the believing their badgering words will intimidate their targets, so perhaps this will be a good lesson to them that when they are acting like childish bullies, they will be treated like the children they are.

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