Thursday :: Mar 18, 2004

If The GOP Does It, Dems Can Now Do It Also - Chapter One

by Steve

As a result of the hypocrisies, outrages, conflicts of interests, and other ethical misdeeds of the GOP since Bush came to power, Democrats have seen a tutorial on things they themselves no longer have to worry about when they reassume power in the White House or Congress. Many of these same things that the GOP or Mr. Bush are engaging in are the exact same things that they and their compliant media lashed Democrats and Bill Clinton over for eight years. A recent example was the revelation that George W. Bush has hosted his campaign fundraisers in the Lincoln Bedroom, just as Bill Clinton did. But of course when Clinton did it, the GOP said that it was disgraceful that the White House was being rented out. Bush as we noted weeks ago took specific aim at Gore during one of the debates for such practices, but now engages in exactly the same behavior himself, with no complaints from the GOP. As a result, as far as I am concerned, the Democrats can now no longer worry about doing the same thing when they get back in power, and should the GOP or their lapdog media complain about it, the Dems can now point to Bush and say “Shut Up!”

Today’s “get out of jail free” card for a future Democratic administration comes courtesy of the self-described moralist and legal ethicist Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, who today refused to recuse himself from a case before him involving his duck-hunting buddy Dick Cheney. Mr. Cheney’s refusal to reveal the deliberations and notes of his energy task force has landed in front of Mr. Scalia’s court. Although it is no secret that both have been friends for awhile, most other justices would have felt that legal probity dictated that they abstain from taking trips together while the case was pending before the court. But of course not Mr. Scalia, who somehow came up with the concept of social intimacy in his defense today.

So, thanks to Tony Scalia, in a future Democratic administration, if an Administration official wants to go duck hunting, golfing, or do damn near anything else with a member of the court with a case pending before that court, it’s OK. There’s not a damn thing any GOP member of Congress, GOP think tanks, prior GOP administrations, or their lackey media can say about a potential conflict of interest anymore. If it’s good for Tony, it’s good for us too.

Thanks Tony.

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