Sunday :: Mar 21, 2004

This Week's Bush Whopper - He Plans To Criticize Kerry Over Fiscal Responsibility

by Steve

Here's tonight's chutzpah award: Bush plans to attack Kerry this week for an alleged $1 trillion gap between Kerry's promises and the revenue to pay for them. This coming from a man who has yet to provide a balanced budget of his own.

This coming from a man who has put in place three successive tax cuts that have failed to meet any one of their revenue or job growth claims.

This coming from a man who has not provided to Congress a credible way to cut the annual deficit in half over the next five years, as he has promised but never delivered.

This coming from a man who has turned a $5 trillion surplus into a $5 trillion deficit in just three years.

This coming from a man who will not disclose to Congress how much additional Iraq and Pentagon funding he will add to his deficit-ridden budget until after the election.

In other words, this coming from a man who has no business criticizing anyone else about fiscal responsibility, credibility, or promising what you can't pay for.

Senator Kerry, get your ass back from Idaho and go on the offensive now. You are getting the pinata treatment from a lying bastard who is getting away with it. If you can't stage a series of appearances this week blasting Bush on the issues above and show the media how hypocritical such an attack is from this guy, then stay on vacation and don't waste our time.

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