Monday :: Mar 22, 2004

With Friends Like The Two Joes...

by Steve

Somebody please slap Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman for me.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., said yesterday he doesn't believe Clarke's charge that the Bush administration was focused more on Iraq than al-Qaida during the days after the terror attacks.

"I see no basis for it," Lieberman said on Fox News Sunday. "I think we've got to be careful to speak facts and not rhetoric."

Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., said yesterday on ABC's "This Week" that although he has been critical of Bush policies on Iraq, "I think it's unfair to blame the president for the spread of terror and the diffuseness of it. Even if he had followed the advice of me and many other people, I still think the same thing would have happened."

Obviously Holy Joe pays little attention to the more critical issue of what did, or didnít happen prior to 9/11. And for Biden to say that terror would have spread the same way if Bush had focused first on Al Qaeda and not Iraq after 9/11 is ludicrous.

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