Monday :: Mar 22, 2004

Zogby Thinks Kerry Has Weathered The Initial Onslaught

by Steve

Well, as Bragan and others have cautioned me this morning not to read too much into Kerry’s rising unfavorables, comes the latest Zogby poll out yesterday, taken through Friday. The poll has a large sample of likely, not registered voters, and was taken during the Bush onslaught last week. The result?

Kerry and Bush are virtually tied with or without Nader in the race. Kerry is strongly ahead in the Blue states (56%-38%), and Bush is less strongly ahead in the red states (53%-40%). Interestingly, Bush’s re-elect number went down again (now 45%), and his job approval ratings also went down (53% fair or poor against 46% who say “excellent” or “good”).

But what I find most interesting is that when asked which of the two is preferred if the US suffers another terrorist attack, Bush wins that by only a 51%-40% margin. And Zogby seems to feel (contrary to me) that Kerry has weathered the initial onslaught.

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