Tuesday :: Mar 23, 2004

How Should the Democrats Handle Le'Affaire Clarke?

by rayman

As we all expected, the Clarke interview on 60 Minutes has unleashed a media firestorm, with the White House going into full-scale panic mode for the third time in two months (with the other two times being the O'Neill smear 'n' defend operation, and the AWOL escapade). Clarke's testimony tomorrow in front of the 9/11 commission will no doubt add further fuel to the smoldering embers. Here's my question: how should the Democrats react to Clarke's revelations?

The White House's primary defense in the past few days is that Clarke is an embittered, Clintonite hack who is merely shilling for the Kerry campaign. Obviously, this is mighty thin gruel. However, as Senator Kerry returns from vacation (hopefully, along with the rest of the slumbering Democratic Party), his campaign will be confronted with a dilemma. If they seize upon Clarke's testimony, this may very well play into the White House's hands, by reinforcing the notion (false though it may be) that Clarke is nothing but a hit-man for the Democrats. On the other hand, if the Kerry campaign adopts a hands-off approach and lets the Clarke story run its course, they will inevitably be accused of not being aggressive enough, even though the White House is in an extremely vulnerable position. Thus, I'm wondering what you all think is the most effective strategy that the Kerry campaign should pursue.

P.S.--Sorry to disappoint all you Lieberman lovers out there, but Holy Joe has taken himself out of the running for Veep.

Despite not receiving the nod as the nationís next Democratic presidential candidate, Lieberman said he looks forward to returning to his role as a Connecticut senator, effectively quashing rumors of a serving as Sen. John Kerryís running mate.

"I donít want to do it [run for the office of vice-president] again - Right now I canít think of anything else Iíd rather do than be a senator from Connecticut," said Lieberman, who also stated he has no intention of seeking the stateís gubernatorial seat. "Itís a good job."


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