Tuesday :: Mar 23, 2004

Donning The Foil Fedora

by pessimist

George Warmonger Bush is in serious straits. John F. Kerry is demonstrating that he isn't going to be the Milquetoast pushover too many Democrat candidates have been since 1980. Congress is getting damaging testimony from several people that supports Richard Clarke's contention that the Bush (mis)Administration allowed 9/11 to happen to provide the PNAC 'Pearl Harbor' that was necessary to take an iron grip on the throat of American democracy and rid themselves of the major impediment to their plans for world economic and military domination. The economy is becoming bad enough that even Orange County, California Republicans are beginning to make comments to me, a known godless commie pinko lib'rul, about Bush's mishandling of the situation. This would tear into Bush's support base at a time he can ill afford it.

And that's why, in my opinion, he's about to pull the trigger on instigating martial law in America - to protect his hold on power.

I caught Tom Ridge on TV this morning as the local LA stations were covering the 'news' of the terror threat to the railroads of America. Frankly folks, this is a no-brainer. Just try to cover every single mile of major track in America, every important bridge, etc., with the resources the government has available. Even if they left the entire civilian population uncovered (a situation that bothers Bush and the PNAC cabal not one whit), they couldn't begin to rise to this challenge, made especially worse with so many troops sent overseas on corporate fool's errands.

The Bush regime is being pushed back into a corner. Their only weakness was a strong desire by George Warmonger Bush for a clear electoral victory to establish leadership legitimacy this fall, something that until recently looked likely. Now that it looks like that weakness could result in their losing power, and thus the ability to complete the realization of their plans, this desire for a good political image will quickly be abandoned.

The end result of anything the PNAC cabal does is intended to increase their power. They have already demonstrated, as the evidence comes out this week in Congressional hearings, that the security and safety of the United States is not in their plans. Their desire for world economic and military dominance supercedes any Constitutional mandates for governance of the nation.

Whether, as I suspect, the PNAC cabal conspired with the Israelis to have Sheik Ahmed Yassin whacked, or not, the end result is that the US is under increased assault from those advocating violence against America for supporting Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. (To those who object to my using this term, this is how the Islamic world sees it. Not to face this widespread Islamic belief, whether true or not, is to face disaster.)

As the evidence mounts in Congressional hearings against the Bush (mis)Administration and their allowance of 9/11, there is absolutely no reason to doubt they would resort to it again. With Middle East tensions so high over Yassin right now, there is no better time for the PNAC cabal to act aggressively in their own defense.

Our ability to travel about the country is being curtailed by gas prices, and we are encouraged to stay home as much as possible by Tom Ridge in particular and by the government in general. This puts most of us, assuming we follow their directions, in the places where we can be controlled easiest once martial law is declared following a real or created terrorist incident. Being with our loved ones, we are less likely to take any action that would cause the cabal any troubles once they initiate the action. They can postpone indefinitely any elections, can complete their destruction of the Constitution without having to obey its provisions, can round up anyone they consider their enemy without restriction, and can finalize their plans to economically enslave the American worker.

Whether or not the rumored undergound atomic blasts around Wyoming are real, this points out an effective and cost-efficient way of ridding the Bush Family Evil Empire of those who would oppose them. Nevada has dozens of underground test sites still in usable condition, and no mere human is ever going to get the massive blast doors open once they are closed. Just round up all those who oppose the BFEE and the PNAC cabal and demand that they obey the laws as the rest of us are expected to follow, shove them all in, close the doors, run a 'test', and there's no mess to clean up, no muss or fuss. Simple! Easy! Less costly than the necessary amounts of Zyklon B. No embarrassing remains to turn up at a later date leading to trial and execution.

If ever there was a time that the true patriots of this nation were needed to rise to the defense of the nation, that time is now. Congress needs to reread their Constitutional obligation and then act upon it in defense of the nation. This is no time for party partisanship. The people need to remind their representatives that we are still out here - and we're watching closely. The military officers need to remember that they took and oath to protect the nation and the Constitution from ALL enemies - foreign AND DOMESTIC.

Whether high-ranking military officers, government officials, or even mere citizens, anything that can be done to keep American freedom and liberty safe from the heel of PNAC oppression needs to be done - NOW!

All the world is watching.

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