Wednesday :: Mar 24, 2004

Another Year Older, Wiser, ...

by Steve

Allow me a personal note here. Yours truly hits his 47th birthday today, blessed with a beautiful (and tolerant) wife, a wonderful daughter, a great family, and good friends. Just as important I have my health and a good job, and for these things I am truly thankful.

I am also thankful for this blog and my partners here, and very thankful to you readers (even those of you who disagree with me.) So to all of you, please enjoy the day and let's remember (as I often do on days like today when I count my blessings) that others have major challenges that we don't. Yes, despite the rhetoric here, Bush isn't the source of all evil in the world, even if it appears that way to some on some days. But let's help others if we can, whether it is through your work, your free time, or in other ways.

And now back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

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