Wednesday :: Mar 24, 2004

Poor Condi Is Pissed At Clarke

by Steve

Uh-oh, Condi “Twin Mirrors” is mad. Apparently too busy to testify herself, Condi dragged the media over to her office this afternoon to blast Richard Clarke as someone who changes his story.

It takes one to know one, Condi.

Clarke had "not a word about concerns that Iraq was going to somehow take us off the path of the war on terrorism. It would've been easy to do, kick the others out, close the door, say 'I just want you to know I think you're making a mistake.' He didn't do it," she told reporters in her West Wing office.

She then trotted out the “I’m a good manager” angle and said Clarke was hard to deal with, but with her superior management skills, she took care of that.


Rice described Clarke as a sometimes difficult employee who was "too busy" to come to some meetings she chaired until she finally demanded he appear.

"I know how to manage people, and I asked him to come once. We continued to have a problem, I asked him to come twice. We didn't have a problem after that," she said.

Right. You’ve been so effective in managing Stephen Hadley and the rest of your staff, haven’t you? Hell, lady, you don't even know what your staff are doing half the time and don't even read things like the October 2002 NIE, but you are a good manager who can kick butt when you need to? Why didn't you kick butt just once in eight months to get the Administration focused on a real imminent threat? You sure are desperate to show the boys that you belong, aren't you?

Aside from the outright laugher of someone with such a pathetic record of managerial and professional incompetence saying almost macho-like that she is a good manager, it should be pretty easy for Clarke to deal with whether or not she called meetings that he allegedly blew off.

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