Thursday :: Mar 25, 2004

Lis Bumiller Catches Condi Contradicting Cheney

by Steve

Surprise, surprise. There's more evidence that even Lis Bumiller of the NYT is morphing back into being a real sharkpack reporter, possibly leaving behind her kneepads. In today's edition, she actually ran a piece on how Condi Twin Mirrors, in her haste to discredit Richard Clarke for allegedly being in the loop and therefore being part of the problem, managed to contradict Pacemaker Dick when he said to the dittoheads that Clarke was out of the loop.

So who is correct? Was Clarke in the loop, as Condi claims, or was the White House running a rogue counter-terrorism operation without its designated counter-terrorism czar? Rice and Cheney can't both be right. And as Clarke demonstrated yesterday, it is quite possible that Rice is correct and Clarke was in the loop but ignored. But that scenario manages to denigrate both Rice and Cheney; Rice for being inept as a NSA (no surprise there), and Cheney for providing just another example in a long line of examples that he is a lying sack of shit.

Condi did manage to brag that Clarke wasn't meeting with the principals (Rummy, Powell, Tenet, and her), but she of course was. So if Clarke was telling the deputies of all these concerns, threats, and chatter, and he was telling his boss (Rice) of all this stuff, then that makes Rice and all those principals (that she brags about) and their staffs culpable of gross misconduct and negligence for not addressing the threat.

Careful, Condi; haste makes waste (of your career and credibility). It's really pretty remarkable that in a rush to undercut someone's credibility, Condi managed to only undercut her own and Cheney's.

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