Thursday :: Mar 25, 2004

Al Qaeda Calls For Musharraf's Overthrow

by Steve

Remember Al Qaeda, those guys we were supposed to go after "dead or alive", and how toppling Saddam would strike at the heart of terrorism? Remember how our best buddy President Musharraf received special military status recently for being our friend in the war on terra' and going after Al Qaeda mastermind Ayman al-Zawahri with his military? Well, those of us concerned about our best new friend Pakistan have several new things to worry about today.

First, al-Zawahri, who President Musharraf told us he was going to capture for us, has called for Musharraf’s overthrow today. I have suspected that Pakistan and specifically its intelligence service the ISI were in fact helping and harboring Al Qaeda, with an assist possibly from elements of the Paki military. Now al-Zawahri is calling on that military to topple Musharraf for pitting Muslims against each other to do America’s bidding.

While this is going on, the Financial Times reports today that Musharraf is having problems maintaining control in several provinces in the country. The reason: anger among tribes over Musharraf’s open pursuit of Al Qaeda. Of course if we had pursued Al Qaeda quietly right after 9/11 with our own Special Forces and local help instead of putting Musharraf out front and center in the effort….

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