Thursday :: Mar 25, 2004

What Does $15 Million In Ads Get You? Zip.

by Steve

What is more powerful amongst the faithful? $15 million in ads against a vacationing John Kerry, or several days of Dick Clarke destroying you on your signature issue? Take a guess.

The latest Fox/Opinion Dynamics Poll out today taken during the height of the Clarke frenzy through last night shows that Bush is stuck in a head-to-head tie with Kerry. And this Bush-friendly group, after several days of bad press on Bushís signature issue of national security, logged in its highest disapproval (44%) and unfavorable (43%) ratings of him ever. Again, this is a Fox poll.

Even worse than that, this poll, taken through last night, shows that a Kerry/Edwards ticket beats a Bush/Cheney ticket by five points, 48%-43%.

Imagine spending that much money, and seeing that your numbers havenít moved in a month. Then imagine that voters by a large margin would rather balance the budget than cutting taxes, thereby undercutting most of your domestic message this year. And then go further and imagine an electorate by another large margin that would rather spend more on health, education, and economic development (jobs) than balancing the budget.

And if you imagined all those things, you would wake up tomorrow only to find out itís all true, and the GOP just blew all that money down the rat hole for no discernible electoral effect amongst the faithful in the Fox poll.

If want to see more proof of the Clarke effect, take a look at the Rasmussen tracking poll.

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