Thursday :: Mar 25, 2004

Bush WMD Joke Causing Emails To CNN

by Steve

The Guardian is reporting in tomorrow's edition that Bush is getting flak over his attempt at WMD humor at Wednesday night's correspondents' dinner. According to the Guardian story, CNN has received emails from outraged viewers angry at Bush's attempt to make fun of our inability to find WMDs in Iraq, after almost 600 of our soldiers have died.

As several of you have correctly noted, this annual dinner is usually an opportunity for the president to poke fun at himself. Clinton did a great bit several years back when he filmed a spot of himself tending to domestic duties in the White House alone while Hillary was out campaigning. The problem with Bush's piece this year is his choice of material.

There are plenty of other items that Bush could have selected for self-parody. But in selecting an issue that was the basis for war, which continues to cost us the lives of our soldiers, Bush shows an all-too-familiar cavalier attitude towards the consequences of his decisions.

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