Saturday :: Mar 27, 2004

Maybe Kerry Won't Have To Tell Who's Supporting Him!

by pessimist

This is getting interesting!

Europeans unite against Bush

Several European politicians are coming together in an effort to throw Bush out of office, on "behalf of Europe and the world".

A new European campaign against Bush will be launched in a couple of weeks. The founder is the former vice president of the Young Liberals in Norway, Knud E. Berthelsen, and he has joined forces with politicians all over Europe for one reason: "We cannot just sit back and watch Bush destroy the whole world. If there is only one political issue that we all agree on in Europe, it's this one," Berthelsen said to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Nobody loves Bush

Berthelsen said he firmly believes the campaign will attract massive support:
"Do you really know anybody who likes Bush? How many have you heard saying something bad about him? Even people who don't care about anything, dislike him. This goes for all of Europe."

The campaign will launch its website after Easter. They plan to sell t-shirts online, and people can make donations, which will all go to the campaign to remove Bush "on behalf of Europe and the world".

Now THAT'S what I call a Coalition of the Willing!

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