Sunday :: Mar 28, 2004

Are You SURE Gobal Warming Is A Myth, Georgie?

by pessimist

Possible hurricane hits Brazil

A child died in a collapsed house and seven fishermen were missing and feared dead early on Sunday as a large spiralling storm lashed the coast of southern Brazil, civil defence officials said.

Meanwhile, Brazilian and United States meteorologists disagreed over whether the storm was a hurricane -- the first on record in the South Atlantic.

The storm, dubbed Catarina by meteorologists, hit the coasts of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil's southernmost states, late Saturday with heavy rains and winds of up to 97kph.

Meanwhile, a debate raged between Brazilian and US meteorologists over whether the storm was a hurricane. The US National Hurricane Centre in Florida estimated the storm was a full-fledged, category-one hurricane with central winds of between 121kph and 129 kph, making it the first hurricane ever spotted in the South Atlantic. AccuWeather, a private forecasting company in Pennsylvania, said it also considered the storm a hurricane. Brazilian scientists disagreed, saying the storm had top winds of 80kph to 90kph, far below the 121kph threshold of a hurricane.

All sides said they were basing their estimates on satellite data, since the US has no hurricane hunter airplanes in the area and Brazil doesn't own any. Satellite images showed a spiral-shaped mass of clouds with an open area in the center. The storm had a clear, well-defined eye and that it had lasted for more than 36 hours. Storms that are not hurricane-strength sometimes form strong eyes, but not for that long, he said.

I guess Global Warming is just like Extremely Huge Federal Deficits - they won't matter once the Rapture comes along.

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