Monday :: Mar 29, 2004

Fact Checking in Real Time

by Mary

Yesterday, about an hour after Condi Rice's interview on 60 minutes (west coast time), I received a very comprehensive rundown of her statements and corrections to her mistatements from the American Progress team. And all rebuttals are very nicely sourced. For example:

RICE CLAIM: "The administration took seriously the threat" of terrorism before 9/11.

FACTS: President Bush himself acknowledges that, despite repeated warnings of an imminent Al Qaeda attack, before 9/11 "I didn't feel the sense of urgency" about terrorism. Similarly, Newsweek reports that Bush's attitude was reflected throughout an Administration that was trying to "de-emphasize terrorism" as an overall priority. As proof, just two of the hundred national security meetings the Administration held during this period addressed the terrorist threat, and the White House refused to hold even one meeting of its highly-touted counterterrorism task force. Meanwhile, the Administration was actively trying to cut funding for counterterrorism, and "vetoed a request to divert $800 million from missile defense into counterterrorism" despite a serious increase in terrorist chatter in the summer of 2001.

Source: "Bush At War" by Bob Woodward
Source: Newsweek: vetoed request
Source: Washington Post: Refusal to hold task force meeting
Source: Detroit News: Only two meetings out of 100

Do check out the whole report and share it with your friends and family.

Now our media will have even less excuse of simply parroting the talking points of the RNC. Thanks to the American Progress team.

Updated to merge source links in the text.

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