Monday :: Mar 29, 2004

Bushies a little unclear on some things...

by Duckman GR the nature of Democracy for instance. But we knew that already, didn't we?

Let little Scotty tell it.

"I don't know necessarily what the difference is" between a private interview and public testimony, presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said.

That right there says a lot about the innate nature of this Administration. They just don't see the difference. Just like they don't see the difference between assassinating an American citizens without a trial, locking up people without any recourse to the protections embodied in the Constitution, or negotiating with terrorists, nay even selling arms to terrorists and then using those proceeds to fund enterprises specifically prohibited by the law making body of our government, and not doing these things.

Now we all saw or heard that sorry excuse for a NSA, Condi LIE Za, last night. She really, really, really, really (more really's needed?) wants to tell her story in front of the commission. But golly gee wilikers, she can't. Because of, yeah, you heard her right, PRINCIPLES!!! Man, I had to wipe my eyes on that one, let me tell ya!

What principle she seems to be missing is the one about this being a Democracy, a free and open society, downright untidy at times dare I say. She and the rest of the crowd have got to know her "principles" story is a total crock, but a crock that provides a fiction of responsiveness to those that which they are truly responsible to, the American Public, not their "principles."

Scotty pulled the curtain aside there, because they truly can't see the difference between public and private, because they don't comprehend what this democracy thing is all about.

Our government is not a private club run by our betters, for our benefit. We are the government, and we demand public testimony. Congress isn't compelling this feckless wretch to testify, her bosses and stakeholders are.

Public testimony has the effect of putting yourself on the record, of making one fully accountible for words and actions. There's no hiding behind the skirts of Mommy or Daddy. It's your mug, front and center. Public testimony forces truth, or consequences.

It's time that Condi and Georgie face the glaring lights. Richard Clarke has called their bluff, he's challenged them like no one else has, and the true test of their mettle is how they respond.

Brittle, inelastic, retrograde, that's what past performances tell me.

7:13 pm update: Don't mind typo's too much, but not in the first friggin line!! Sheesh! Democracy fixed! Would that it were that easy in the "real" world.

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