Monday :: Mar 29, 2004

Recovering Fumbles

by Marie

CNN latest poll – GWB 51 Kerry 47

In the past week, how much political airspace has Bush team gotten? Compared with that commanded by Clarke, Kerry and other DEMs? A week ago Sunday even Biden and Lieberman were acting as if they were on team Bush. Except for Kennedy and Dean, DEMs were AWOL from the Clarke story. Allowing team Bush to get three minutes to one for Clarke and mere seconds for Kerry and the others.
Since half of those polled now believe that Clarke's motives are not pure, seems to me that team Bush is getting at least a draw on this one. Once again DEMs are choosing to "play it safe" and protecting the ball that they can't seem to move down the field on their own. Every time a team Bush scandal began to break in the past three years, both teams have played it the same way – the GOP in mass attack, attack and attack again the messenger and spin, spin and spin the message while the DEMs hold back and hope that the messenger can land some punches or, better yet, will be David to the GOP Goliath -- then the news cycle plays out and team Bush wipes off the bit of mud they got on their uniforms and return to their huddle to plot their next move (or war or tax cut).

Clarke is a tough cookie -- much better than Wilson and O'Neill – and may still have a couple of rounds left in him before the media tires of him or worse, they bolster team Bush's charges against him so well that he will not be credible enough to command any further attention. Too bad DEMs have yet to learn that when the opposition fumbles, you don’t stand around and hope that the ball magically rolls into your end zone. You have to pick up the damn thing immediately and begin running as fast as you can to the goal line. Of course that assumes that you really do want to win the game.

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