Tuesday :: Mar 30, 2004

Hiding behind Unka Dick

by Duckman GR

Thanks to this header from JMM/TPM, we see this priceless nugget of further Bush reprobate behavior.

"I would also like to take this occasion to offer an accommodation on another issue on which we have not yet reached an agreement - commission access to the president and vice president. I am authorized to advise you that the president and vice president have agreed to one joint private session with all 10 commissioners, with one commission staff member present to take notes of the session."

Why is this is a joint session? Why can't the president and the vice-president meet with the Commission members separately? Is there some, as yet unexplored, constitutional issue of the president and vice-president needing to appear jointly?

Josh asks, or should I say, assays the question, but to my mind it's perfectly clear.

Unka Dick wants to make sure the Boy King doesn't screw it up. Or conversely, the Boy King needs to have his big bad Unka Dick there with him to protect him from those mean ol' Commissioners.

Every day I watch these people, in sheer amazement at their mentality. It isn't just their mendacity, their greed, or their viciousness. It's the fact that these creatures of the nether regions are running this country. It's their stupidity and utter lack of courage, their complete unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions.

And rightly so, should they be reluctant to take responsibility. There's really no excuse for some of the things they do, neither intellectually, rationally, or democratically. Why can't Bush talk to the Commission fer crissakes? Is he afraid of them, afraid of what they might ask, or afraid of how he might look?

Calling them Mayberry Machiavellis gets close to it, except that they lack that inner decency that Mayberry suggests. They're not decent, or nice, or pleasant, or people you would really want to share a beer with. The letter from Alberto Gonzalez to the Commission is another example of their innate desire to lie and obscure the truth. Way down at the end of the letter he mentions the Bush/Cheney thing. All we needed was it to be Friday afternoon and this would be perfect.

But it's not, and the pressure that was piled on Rice is showing in these little Rovian imperfections. And frankly, from the letter and the Times article on this subject, I think the Dems can keep up the pressure. After all, were any Democrats in Congress party to this deal?

It seems that some people are starting to recognize the fallibility of the Bushdom, as this tragi-comedy exemplifies. Their fallibility and their shallowness. As their threats get exposed as empty bully tactics, the Democrats might start to recognize the fun in slamming these crooks, and might just start to take advantage of the situation.

Let's hope so.

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